Fire Hydrant Maintenance, Testing & Certification

State and local fire codes require maintenance, testing and certification of private and Mobile Home Park fire hydrants annually.  Hayden Fire Protection is certified to both flow test and certify your fire hydrants – ensuring your fire water hydrant works properly and you safely stay in compliance annually.  We service Chico and the Northern State including Butte & Tehama County.  Call us for more information or to schedule an appointment.

Why have your Private Fire Hydrants Certified?

The State Of California, Business, Transportation And Housing Agency, Department Of Housing And Community Development,
Division Of Codes And Standards require all parks to provide an Annual Private Fire Hydrant Test And Certification Report.
All residential mobile home parks must return this report to the enforcement agency for the MHP.

What our Maintenance, Testing & Certification Provides

Fire Hydrant cut-thru view

Test whether the hydrant(s):
1. stems and valves fully operate, open and close freely, and have the proper lubrication.
2. caps, seals and threads are undamaged.
3. which are subject to vehicular damage, are provided physical protection.
4. has a minimum of 36 inches of clear space around all hydrants.
5. outlets are between 14 & 24 inches above grade. Standpipe outlets need not be a specific height, but must be readily
6. is clearly identified or marked for easy location in an emergency.
7. that are 1 ½ inch, have a 75-foot hose on a rack, or reel contained in an enclosed cabinet marked “FIRE HOSE” in 4-
inch contrasting letters.

Barrel size – Enter the barrel or riser diameter measured in inches.
Flow – Enter the measured flow in gallons per minute.
Pressure – Enter the residual pressure measured in pounds per square inch.